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Get Google 1st Page SEO Results in 1 to 12 days!


Why do most SEO projects fail?


Why am I told that Google SEO results take a minimum of 3 to 6 months,
while TDE delivers within only 1 to 12 days?


Is it true that TDE will not ask me for any money
until I see my website start to show up on Google's first page?


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2024 TDE SEO Process - Guaranteed 100% Google "White Hat" SEO
Powerful website promotion strategy, based on natural/organic Top-of-Page Google keyword search engine positioning

Get Google, Yahoo & Bing unlimited keywords, with quickest results, at far less cost!

TDE SEO Keyword Response Click to read dozens of 5-Star BBB Reviews TDE SEO Keyword Response

SEO Search Engine Optimizers

TDE is an A+ Rated SEO firm with the Better Business Bureau

Call now: (610)664-0519 . . . No money due until you see results!

Get top ranked Google SEO results in 1 to 12 days!

No money due until you see your website on Google's 1st page / Top-10 SEO results!

TDE SEO Guarantees 100% Google, Yahoo & Bing "White Hat" SEO compliance
with all HTML page elements, addressing 65 Google Algorithm Search Singnals
and all procedures affecting search engine Page Rank, including . . .

301 / 302 Redirects 404 Errors Alt Tags Anchor Text Backlink Detection Backlink Infrastructure Banned Webstie Restoration Blog SEO Body Text Bot Crawling Instructions Broken Link Issues Canonicalization / Canonical URLs Competitive Analysis CSS Corruption Customer Reviews DIY CMS Platform Issues External Backlinks Follow, Nofollow Directives Forensic Analysis Google Coverage Isssues Google Console Issues Google Indexing Google Manual Actions Google Simulator Google Submissions Google Updates Google Verification File Google Webmaster Tools H1 Unique Tags H2 Common Tags .htaccess Index, Noindex Directives Internal Backlinks Meta Description Meta Keywords Mirror Site Issues Keyword 1/65 Algebra Keyword Audit Keyword Casing Keyword Conflicts Keyword Consistency Keyword Density / Overdensity Keyword Quantity Keyword Relevancy Keyword Semantics Keyword Separation Keyword Sequencing Keyword Stuffing Keyword Wish List Load Speed Page Splitting Page Title PHP Version Updates Plugin Conflicts Robots.txt file Shortlinlk Sitemap.html Sitemap.txt file Sitemap.xml file SSL Certificates Title Tags Toxic Backlinks Toxic One-Size-Fit-All CMS Code URL Path URL Slugs User Experience UTF-8 Encoding Wordpress Defaults Conflicts Wordpress Yoast Conflicts More!

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How many Keywords and Search Terms will TDE address on my behalf?


Who decides on which Keywords & Search Terms to address on my behalf?


What is a Google SEO Wish List?


How much does TDE charge for SEO?


How do I pay TDE for my SEO service?


Where can I read verified TDE customer Reviews & Testimonials?


How long do TDE's SEO results last on Google's 1st Page?


What happens to my search results each time
Google decides to update their algorithms?


What about SEO results on Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines?


What's the difference between Local and Nationwide SEO?


What's the difference between CMS SEO and HTML SEO?


Why are SEO Backlinks important, and how many will TDE provide?


What are SEO Landing Pages and how many do I need?


What is the purpose of TDE's proprietary Google Simulator?


Why don't SEO Plugins work?


What are Google SEO Search Signals?


How will TDE report my SEO results?


What is the difference between Google Keywords and Google Search Queries?


What are the benefits of Duplicate Content SEO Landing Pages
and when does TDE use them?


Why are TDE's "White Hat" SEO results far superior to those of "Black Hat" SEO Practitioners?


Why are proprietary web design platforms not suited for real HTML SEO?


Which of the 3 types of sitemaps does TDE use
to submit SEO Landing Pages to Google and why?


How does one become a TDE SEO Reseller?


Click to see real Keywords & Search Terms which are now delivering Google 1st page organic SEO search results to TDE client websites - CLICK NOW

2024 TDE SEO Process - Guaranteed 100% Google "White Hat" SEO
Powerful website promotion strategy, based on natural/organic keyword search engine positioning

Get Google, Yahoo & Bing unlimited keywords, with quickest results, at far less cost!
Because there is no need to charge any more.

***** Click to read dozens of 5-Star BBB Reviews *****

SEO Search Engine Optimizers

TDE is an A+ Rated SEO firm with the Better Business Bureau

Call us 7 days a week! 10:30am to 10:30pm EDT / 7:30am to 7:30pm Pacific - Don't waste another day

Call now: (610)664-0519 . . . No money due until you see results!
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Technonogy Data Exchange is an A+ Rated SEO company, Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

BBB 5-Star SEO Reviews & Testimonials

"I've worked with George and TDE on several SEO projects for clients of mine, and the results have been excellent. His knowledge of how search engines and their bots operate, and what they look for when indexing sites, is enlightening. The clients I've referred to TDE are all achieving the search engine positioning and exposure we set out to achieve thanks to George and his staff."
Joe Engelson, web developer. - Los Angeles, CA

"I never knew it was possible to get on Google's first page within 1 day, but the TDE SEO team got me there for about 100 keyword combinations almost instantly. George insisted that I forget what I thought I knew about SEO, and what others have told me in the past. My commercial janitorial service is now doing Coronavirus cleanup & disinfection's, so I could not afford to wait months for Google SEO results. I thought I was hearing things when George said he can deliver same day Google 1st page search results by midnight, but he did exactly that, like magic. George is amazing, I just hope my competitors do NOT find George and TDE, because they will have tapped into a valuable resource. IF you are a business owner, STOP looking and hire TDE ASAP. The money that I paid TDE is pennies compared to the money I am going to make. I will recoup my money back in 30 days. I have researched SEO companies for the past five years and "everyone" of them has told me "Greg, there are no guarantees", "it takes four months to see improvements", "you have to pay us for six months before you see results", etc etc etc. George and TDE is my SEO company until I retire in 15 years, I will automatically renew with them. Personally I think TDE prices are a little to low, I was expecting to pay about 25% more. I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism and knowledge at TDE, George is a beast, he works 12 hours a day; him and I have talked nights and weekends, I have asked him the same question five different times and he provides brilliant answers, five different times. If there was a rating beyond Five Stars, George would get it."
Gregory Gray - Commercial Janitorial Services. - Pennsylvania, New Jerrsey & Delaware

"As the producers of the largest conferences, we need to quickly attract thousands of Owners, Marketers, etc. in order to satisfy our exhibitors each year. Thanks to the SEO expertise of George Pachter and his team our conference has grown year over year. I have worked with other seo companies and he is the best. Easy to work with, smart, he actually cares and does an amazing job! He will get the job done, it's that simple. I am a business a top conference organizer and he has helped me position my brand as one of the #1 conferences in my market. We are thankful and grateful for all the work his company has done for us over the years. I highly recommend him to you."
Mario Stuart, Conference producer. - New York, NY

"After waiting over 6 months for organic SEO results which never showed up I engaged the services of TDE and within several days was on Google's first page for my choice keywords, related to laser scanning and laser tracking metrology services in Central Florida and now going nationwide. George Pachter delivered very quick SEO results beyond my expectations, and for less money."
Mark Andrews, Pres. - Florida based laser scanning & tracking company, offering nationwide services. - Indialantic, FL

"I was really excited to find my dermatology practice website showing up on Google's first page in a matter of just a few days. Dozens of search terms related to medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology are now delivering my site organically on Google's first page. I would definitely refer Technology Data Exchange and George Pachter to anyone requiring similar results."
Dr. Mary E. Griffin - Medical & cosmetic dermatology practice. - Bala Cynwyd, PA

"We saw quick results for over 50 of our search terms on Google's first page within 48 hours. We were told to expect results in 1 to 12 days, so we were surprised and excited when George sent us the first keyword audit within just a couple of days. We find Technology Data Exchange / TDE to be most professional and unique, due to their proprietary Google backlink infrastructure and their HTML programming technique, which proved itself for two of our Boston area websites. TDE provides exceptional customer service. They have responded quickly to e-mails and calls and provided thorough explanations to all questions regarding our search engine optimization program."
Carol A, tour bus & charter bus operator. and - Boston, MA & New England

"I am from Missouri, and St. Louis is where my business RJL Resume Writers and Career Consultants, LLC is headquartered. So naturally for me to believe in a service, I would need to be shown how the service works. George took the time to converse and show me exactly how the results would be achieved. Then he did what he said he was going to do, place my business on Google Search first page in less than 2 few weeks versus months and months that it takes other SEO companies to achieve the same thing.

My company provides career search tools such as writing highly effective resumes and cover letters, and then we help our clients to be found by creating powerful LinkedIn profiles that make recruiters take notice. We are considered by career coaches and now thousands of our clients as the best resume writing service in the industry. I needed to get the word out to the Google crowd just how I can make a difference in their career search, and TDE SEO did that for me. I am now ranking on the first page on Google using a large variety of search terms in the St. Louis area. I am also contracted with TDE SEO to provide the same service for all of New England. My website,, has been receiving countless hits and phone calls. My clients can reach me at 314-779-1964, and that number has been ringing off the hook. I am considering hiring additional personnel, but first I must find high quality certified resume writers that are considered the top resume writers in the industry.

If you want a peace of mind that your SEO investment is going to pay off in a big way, contact George Pachter, and he will get you the results that you are seeking. SEO may cost a little, but not having your company on the first page of Google is far more costly. The best answer on how to reach your potential clients is to hire George Pachter and his technical staff at TDE SEO. Thank you George!"

Robert J. Linderer, ACRW, MA - A St. Louis, MO based resume writing service and career consulting firm. - St. Louis, MO

"Our client was in need of SEO for a website offering data breach protection / intrusion protection and other cyber security products. We wanted to partner with a provider that had lots of experience in SEO, had excellent feedback, and could demonstrate results. Well after lots of research, we found TDE and George Pachter. Within just a few days, they delivered! TDE was able to get the website to come up in Google's first page organic search results, for many phrases. They definitely do precision SEO like nothing we have seen before. We plan to use TDE many times. Highly recommended!"
Marketing Dept., Leading Cyber Security company, offering Data Breach / Data Intrusion Prevention products. - Nashua, NH - Matt Ide, Digital marketing consultant to client - Hollis, NH

"These people really know organic marketing and they don't nickel and dollar my company. They have really restored my faith. The owner is on the job and he cares."
Jake Kody, lighting fixtures. Wayne, PA

"Delivering on Performance! We provide onsite safety courses for forklift and overhead crane operators in the Georgia area, certifying them for OSHA compliance. Prior to TDE SEO service we were never found at Google. I was extremely skeptical about such a promise of performance in this current business environment but I'm very pleased to find that the promise was kept. Within days keywords and search terms began to deliver us on Google Page #1, with more and more being activated by the TDE SEO team weekly. Thank you George!"
Dennis Diamond, OSHA Certificate forklift & overhead crane operator onsite safery training. - Georgia and Nationwide.

"I am a NYC Entertainment company with a small website (6 pages) that hasn't gotten much exposure in my highly competitive market. Geroge and his seo team got me on google's first page in only 7 days with their keyword specialty. George is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and was very helpful throughout the process."
Charlie G., wedding entertainer. - New York City

"Knowledgable, patient to explain, responsive and effective SEO. I employed the services of TDE and was very pleased with the results. I highly recommend this company."
Barbara F., physical therapy center. - Essex County, NJ

"George and his team are excellent! Excellent response times when responding to your emails, and very thorough with explaining their service and how to help your business. Highly recommmended!."
Bryant & Sandy J., microblading eyebrows, semi-permanent makeup salon. - Sacramento, CA

"The best SEO company around. Seriously, they get the job done."
Jaime E. Quinteros, Jr., advertising agency / digital marketing. - - Washington, DC - New site under development.

"I design and make custom jewelry in Palm Beach, specializing in creating one of a kind engagement rings, wedding rings and bands and special diamond jewelry at competitive prices. I almost gave up on SEO until using TDE and was impressed with how quickly I found my site on Google's first pages for over 50 keywords in about one week's time. Anyone needing similar results should definitely use this firm. ."
Brian Cundiff - A Florida based custom jewelry craftsman, specializin in diamond jewelry. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I've worked in the IT field for 20 years and have a very solid grasp on how SEO works so I was skeptical of whether or not George could deliver on his promise of immediate results. George offered to do a trial wherein he committed that a limited set of search terms would be on page 1 the next day and he absolutely delivered on each and every one of them. As a result, we've signed up for a year of service with TDE.I'm happy to be a reference for anyone interested:"
Ken Braatz - A professional photographer serving the Palm Beach County, Fl area, specializing in weddings, portraiture and headshot photography. - Boynton Beach, FL

"Thanks to TDE's quick SEO results my property preservation website can now be found on Google's first page by mortgage companies and other property owners in need to preserve their assests after a foreclosue or a moveout. I also asked TDE to get me found by contractors and subcontractors looking for work in this field and got great results as well within days. I recommend anyone who needs Google first page SEO results to look no furhter than the TDE team."
Ron Herbruck - A property preservation contractor, serving mortgage companies wishing to preserve their foreclosed assets nationwide. - St. Augistine, FL

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