SEO Expert Witness
This page is intended for attorneys and their clients who are considering legal action to recover costs
from non-performing SEOs / Search Engine Optimizers

If you find yourself in a situation where you have paid for SEO services and have seen no results,
then we can help you recover 100% of your payments.

More than likely your SEO arrangements fall within one of the following scenarios:

1) Your web developer included the term SEO in his original proposal, claiming it will be part of his overall web development project.

2) You have taken the initiative to locate an SEO firm, representing itself as experienced and professional.

3) Someone representing himself as a professional SEO had solicited you, making promising claims, and you went along with his program.

Send us a link to your website, together with a list of some of the keywords for which you paid to be optimized. Send to:

We will write effective legal testimony for you to use in court, showing all which is wrong, and why. Online examples will be presented, with screen shots which can be applied in courtroom exhibits.

In almost every situation the defendant SEO assumed he knew what he was doing, perhaps having had some limited success in the past with some low hanging fruit keywords. Today's competitive dynamics require the complete mastering of the science, together with 100% relevant backlink management.

Immediately upon reveiwing your website, with respect to your keywords, we will have the answer as to the reason for the lack of positive SEO results.

The chances are that your defendant SEO will quickly settle a refund when confronted with the evidence of being incompetent.

The Technology Data Exchange gladly performs this service free of charge. We have pioneered the science of "white hat" natural search positioning back in 1998 and we have a strong interest in cleaning up the industry. We hope also that the defendant SEO will quickly recognize his shortcomings and consider an application for a TDE SEO License, under our Intellectual Property arrangement.

Consider becoming an expert SEO yourself, fully licensed to enlist your company's website pages into the 100% relevant backlinks maintained by the Technology Data Exchange.

You will learn all about current SEO rules and how to use the TDE's SEO template to create html SEO code, specific to your company's keywords of interest. This code will not affect the look of your web page, and anyone capable of changing a single word on your website will be able to implement it and upload it to your server. Dramatic search results will be noticed the minute that the search engines begin using this latest version of your page.

NOTE: This Provisional License is not to be confused with the TDE's ongoing Professional SEO Licensing program, whereby Licensees enlist their clients' websites into the TDE system, as they optimize these websites for Google #1 natural search positioning.

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